Stressor Statement Proving PTSD


No Audie Murphy medals here, just a

scared skinny kid trying to get through

1968. Problem was, we needed a lot of

antennas to do our signal intelligence job,

and Charles zeroed in on them with

mortar and rocket attacks. We lost my

CO and my supervising sergeant.
I STILL have issues of impending

doom and trouble coping with loss.

It is probably fair that, with non-combat

guys, we have to offer proof that the

incident(s) causing the stress actually


Find the date of death of a buddy on

any one of several pages of web
sites on The Wall. The date of death is,

or is close to, the date of the claimed


I hate to see true combat vets

(artillery, armor, MP's, riverine
patrol, combat engineers) put

through this. Your combat should

be a given. Sorry the VA puts

you through this.

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