All veterans who served in combat during Vietnam from February 28, 1961—May 7, 1975 or participated in the listed areas of armed hostilities are eligible for Vet Center services.


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  • World War II
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Lebanon (25 Aug 82—26 Feb 84)
  • Grenada (23 Oct 83—21 Nov 83)
  • Panama (20 Dec 89—31 Jan 90)
  • Persian Gulf (2 Aug 90—To Date of Presidential Proclamation Ending Operation Desert Storm)
  • Somalia (17 Sep 92—To Date of Presidential Proclamation Ending Operation Restore Hope)
  • Yugoslavia
  • Bosnia
  • Iraq
  • Global War on Terrorism (GWOT)

The Women Veterans Health Program Act of 1992 authorizes counseling for women veterans who have experienced acts of sexual violence or harassment while on active duty. In addition, the Women’s Health Extension Act of 1994 authorizes sexual trauma counseling for all veterans who experienced acts of sexual violence or harassment while serving in the military.