USAF PDG Test Preparation Introduction


The USAF Enlisted Test Prep Course is a standardized multiple-choice set of quizzes and tests for USAF enlisted personnel seeking promotion.  USAF Enlisted Test Prep Course is the most comprehensive test preparation program available.  The quizzes and tests consists of all subject areas in The Airman Handbook for SSgt - CMSgt.  The quizzes and tests are designed for enlisted personnel to practice, drill, and master all subject areas of The Airman Handbook.  Subject areas such as Airmen Heritage, USAF Organization, Emergency Management, Standards of Conduct, Military Customs, Courtesies, and Protocol, Enlisted Force Development, and all other important subject areas.  Real-time scoring allows you to get instant feedback of your testing results allowing you to monitor your strengths and areas where you need to improve.


The USAF Enlisted Test Prep Course includes everything you need to prepare for your promotion.  The USAF Enlisted Test Prep Course has been designed by a team of military veterans from all branches of the military. Using the USAF Enlisted Test Prep Course consistently is sure to bolster your test scores.


Air Force members have the choice of testing their knowledge in different subject areas at any time.  Through rote memorization, and concept practice, Air Force members gain expertise in any subject area of their liking.  Immediate feedback is given and can be monitoried over time.   


Are you competing for Airman of the Month, Quarter, Year honors?  If so, try the comprehensive Board Examination quiz to get ready.  Includes all areas of The Airman Handbook, Chain of Command, and Current Events information.  There is no better way for you to test yourself for WAPS preparation.  And, as always, practice, drill, and rehearse.


Hint:  The most effective way to measure your mastery of The Airman Handbook material is to take a quiz after reading every subject area.       


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