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August 2014 


David Oesch

Branch: Air Force

Compensation and VOC Rehab

Along with the Air Force, I served in the Navy, the Army and the Merchant Marines. I applied for disability and had to wait over 2 years and when I did receive my disability rating they did not add my dependents.  Now it will be another 3 years I am told before I receive anything for the dependents.  I applied for VOC rehab and was approved, but after my assessment in Cleveland the person that is my case manager for VOC rehab will not return my phone calls.  It seems like the VA is overwhelmed and needs to hire a few more employees to handle the amount of disability ratings that are being submitted. If they do hire they should hire veterans because most of the employees that I have spoke to are non-veterans and seem like they really don’t care.

Teddy Corral

Branch: Army

Since 1972 no help from LA V.A

After returning from Vietnam nothing was the same at home like I thought it would be. A few friends told me why don't I go down to the VA and see if they can help you, they said they thought I needed help they also told me that I was not the same person that left 2 years ago. After arriving at Wilsher VA with dd 214 in hand the service officer told me that there was nothing he could do for me because I did not have my files with me to be able to prove what I did in the Army.  Then he kept talking about the great week end he had with his friends, so I left the VA very upset.  After years of frustrating periods with VA, I decided to fight back and seek out my benefits. After 4 more years of denied claims I got a lawyer he recovered my records from Wasington D.C and turned them in to the VA at Wilsher.  Then I started to receive my benefits. It is called new and matrial as a brother veteran do your research.  There’s a lot material out there for guys to find that can help you with your claims. good luck and god bless. syposa21.

Bill  Harris

Branch: Marine Corps

Veterans Disability

I am a Vietnam veteran and my claims were due to conditions from Agent Orange.  I originally submitted a claim for prostate cancer and was approved within 3 months.  I next submitted a claim for ischemic heart disease and was approved in 2 months.  I worked with an American Legion Service Officer and both claims were complete with all questions answered, I believe that is the secret to having legitimate claims approved.

Lawrence Brown

Branch: Navy

VA Is A Shame

There is no way I can express my negative feeling of the VA system. I served for 24 years, by most accounts I served 5 tours in Nam. My first year I was assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk but spent almost more time in country than in the ship. When I applied for VA benefits I was denied. When I appealed I was told I had to prove that I was there. I never received any orders we were just loaned out by our CO. I was paid combat pay and the bonus from my home state, Pennsylvania. I have type 2 diabetes neuropathy and hearing loss. I am fortunate that I have had good health insurance. I could never endure the stress of fighting the VA. I tried several Vet organizations they were big let downs worse than the VA. 

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