Hidden VA Money


  • Any veteran who is a senior citizen or his/her surviving dependents may be eligible to receive over $2,000 per month ($24,000 per year) in tax free income. The payments include annual cost of living increases.



  • A veteran can easily qualify for a VA Pension even if his annual income exceeds the limits set by the VA.  For this program, a veteran may need a highly qualified VA attorney to help.




  • Recurring, non-reimbursed medical expenses of a veteran and the surviving spouse are deductible from gross income.



  • Veteran family members can be paid as caregivers, which is also a tax deductible expense.



  • If a veteran resides in an Assisted Living Facility the entire amount paid for the service is a deductible expense.




  • Veterans 65 years-old or older, are presumed to be disabled. It does not have to be proven.



  • If the veteran is deceased and the surviving spouse is applying for low income pension, the spouse can be of ANY age and does NOT have to be disabled.



  • Reports indicate that a pension with aid and attendance is easier to obtain then Household Benefits.




  • A veteran who is healthy but has a spouse who is disabled, may be eligible for Improved Pension (Low Income Pension).




  • In order to receive service-connected disability rating a veteran’s disability does not have to be related to combat. 

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