How to Win a VA Claim

When I returned home from Afghanistan in 2007 I filed for disability with the VA and the Social Security Administration. I was awarded 100% by the Social Security Administration and 10% service-connection by the VA. I appealed and got 50%. I appealed again and got 60%. I am on appeal again for my 100% VA disability. It only took me five years. I know you’re not surprised it took so long, considering were talking about the Veterans Administration. My motto: Never Give Up.


I know nothing about other states, but there are a few benefits for Veterans in Texas.  I know if your 100% Social Security disabled or at least 10% VA service-connected, you can file with the Tax Office and get some tax exemptions. Go to:


Some medical items can be purchased tax free. See if you qualify and then fill out this form:


You can get a free Texas hunting/fishing Super Combo license if you qualify: Go to: . I walked into Wal-Mart with my proof of disability letter I downloaded from  and got it. Took five minutes. I also downloaded my VA home loan certificate which can be used to secure a government guaranteed loan to purchase a home and/or land. Go to:


Disabled veterans can also apply online for an adapted housing grant. . Veterans also can get free or reduced nursing home care at a VA facility and later, free burial at a Veteran Cemetery (you must be dead to qualify).  And, your surviving spouse gets a $250 check. See your VA hospital or VA clinic veteran representative. 

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Your Very Own Veteran ID Card

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Veteran ID Card
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