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I am a Viet Nam Veteran that served for 14 and 1/2 years. I went for C&P's in 2011 and was awarded 50% for various physical injuries I received while in the army. I was rejected for PTSD even though I had a little from my mental Health nurse practitioner (who is now a Dr (she had 3 months to graduation when she wrote the letter for me) I had also attended a depression group and am still attending a PTSD Group. I got a lawyer and we have appealed all decisions. But the point I am making is if you are appealing and are still going to a doctor whether VA or not. Get a copy of your records every time you attend a appointment ask for your records and turn them in to your VSO, Lawyer or you do it on your own. Reviewers DO NOT SEE your current records.  And those all help. You must fight and keep on doing it until you receive what you think you deserve.

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Veteran ID Card
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