My Comp. Came Very Fast

I was a gunner on JP-4 & Mogas convoys out of Cam Ranh Bay. We'd run North to Ban Me Thout and a ways South to Phan Rang. Vietnam 1971-72. We were constantly getting ambushed and it appears that it got to me worse than I had ever suspected. So, after my 4th marriage I decided to get some help. Too much anger & jumpy as a frog, couldn't sleep and just generally pissed off at the world! And I couldn't figure out, I went to the VA Here in Broward County Fla. and within 4 months....YES...4 months I was given a 50% rating and immediately recvd. a nice little check. I now have medication to control my anger & counseling and meds to FINALLY get some damn sleep. (Don't even know the name of them, but they work). I must say that for all the horror stories I have ever heard about the VA, I must say that my experience was totally great! I don't know if this works for everybody, but it certainly did for me...If you are thinking of filing for PTSD Comp., then sit down and WRITE EVERY EXPERIENCE YOU EVER HAD about the 'Nam, or where ever you served and attach a copy of that to EVERYTHING THEY THROW AT YOU! You will save yourself time & aggravation and in the end you will thank yourself. There's a Vet web site that offers a form for this sort of thing and I thank God I found it because if you take anything out of my story, WRITE YOUR STUFF DOWN. 4 months...still gets me as I have friends who suffered for years trying to get help and a decent rating. Best of Luck to you all & WELCOME HOME!

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