Vets 4 Warriors
Vets 4 Warriors

Vets 4 Warriors
Why Call Us?
We are here to help.  We have all served in uniform for the United States Military.  Some members of our staff have served in combat missions while others have served in supporting and peace keeping missions.  However, we are all Veterans of the United States Military and we are all here to help the men and women who are currently serving or have served in the National Guard and Reserve.
Services Provided
Our toll free peer support line 1-855-838-8255 (1-855-VET-TALK) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for National Guard and Reserve service members.  Call now for:
·         Veteran Peer Support
Every single one of our Peer Counselors is a Veteran.
·         Ongoing Support
We follow up when you need us to do so.
·         A Wide Range of Referrals
We will try to help with legal, housing, medical, psychological and other needs.
We also offer:
·         Live Chat
You can connect with us by chatting online
·         Online Resource Library
Click the Resource tab on top of the page to check out our selection of the most helpful web resources.


It’s okay if you want to remain anonymous, or don’t want to give us any personal information when you call or chat with us online.  Connect with someone who understands and can help.

What Every Veteran Should Carry 
No longer will you have to carry around your DD Form 214 as proof of your military service.  The Veteran ID Card will quickly establish you as a veteran, along with other essential benefits.  More...
Veteran ID Card w/Picture
Veteran ID Card

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