The Process

Just wanted to give all vets young and old a heads up on receiving your deserved benefits from current and past wars you fought in. Myself, I am a vet of the Vietnam War. I served on the River Boasts Div 593. I was exposed to agent orange which caused me to get diabetes type II. I tried filing a claim myself, but was unsuccessful. I did not know the ins and outs of how the VA worked. Since I was wounded twice, I decided to talk with the Military Order Of The Purple Heart. I explained my situation and where I stood with my claim. In order to have your claim filed properly, someone with a vets organization needs to act on your behalf as an advocate. You may seek one from the following: Military Order Of The Purple, another could be through the Vets Of Foreign Wars. It is very important you have a physical or evaluation set up so you have a diagnosis. The process of receiving your benefits takes a good year; so start now. Good Luck!

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Your Very Own Veteran ID Card

Veteran ID Card w/Picture
Veteran ID Card
No longer will you have to carry around your DD Form 214 as proof of your military service.  The Veteran ID Card will quickly establish you as a veteran, along with other essential benefits.  More...