2014 VSO of the Year

Nancy D. Gabey - 2014 VSO of the Year


Nancy D. Gabey  


  • Born in Seattle, Washington
  • Military brat.  Raised in military family.
  • High school volleyball leader.
  • BS - Business Administration, University of Maryland
  • Veterans supporter since 1981
  • Volunteer work at several VAMCs on West Coast
  • Currently, full time VSO work in support of veterans and their dependents

Goals: Support veterans and their family with VA benefits.  Continue to reach office goals every month.


Source:  Self Report from Nancy D. Gabey

2013 VSO of the Year

Note:  2013 VSO of the Year winner pending authentication process.  This area intentially left blank.


2012 VSO of the Year

Julian Bailey - 2012 VSO of the Year

Julian Bailey  
  • Born and raised in Hutchinson, Minnesota
  • VVA representative since 1995
  • Lifetime member of AVVA, Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Full time employee of Minnesota State Council, Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Maintains a full time service office at the St. Paul Minnesota VA Regional Office
Goals: To continue outreach and assistance to any veteran and their families.

Source:  Self Report from Julian Bailey

2011 VSO of the Year

Ronald Amerson - 2011 VSO of the Year
Ronald Amerson - 2011 VSO of the Year

Ronald Amerson  
  • Born Macon, GA - Lived in Pensacola, FL Since 1962-To-Present

  • Been with Holiday Retirement Corp. Since 2002-to-Present

  • Manager and Marketing Manager, Been doing VSO-VSP Work with Holiday for over Ten Years.

  • Life Time Member Of American Legion Post 33 - Pensacola, FL since 1980-to-Present-NSO-VSO-VSP Officer Life Time Member Of American Legion Post 400 Orlando, FL since 2011-to-Present-VSO-NSO-VSP-ADM


Military History:  US Army 144th. Batt. 2nd. Infantry  Brgd. Vietnam 05/05/1975-to-01/01/1977 

Goals:  Would Like To Strive Toward A Full Time Position To Serve Our Veterans Better For Their Service To Our Country.  My Goal For 2012-to-2013 Is To Give Back A 100% Of Honor To Our Us Veterans and Spouses.

Source:  Self Report from Ronald Amerson

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  • Nominees must have completed a probationary period of claims training, if required.
  • Nominee must be fully credentialed to serve as a VSO.
  • Above expectation or exceptional performance appraisal ratings, as well as above expectation or exceptional performance of all assigned job duties, is necessary to be considered for an award.
  • Nominees must demonstrate exemplary performance of activities that are above and beyond the scope of assigned responsibilities. As an example, if the VSOs job duties do not routinely include veteran or military service, but the employee represented a veteran in community service in an exemplary manner, this would qualify as appropriate for nomination.
  • Nominations must include a supporting narrative.
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  • Supporting practices, procedures and policies.
  • Bringing about significant positive change in support of a veteran’s goal of obtaining benefits and/or compensation.
  • Eliminating obstacles to achieving the goal of the veteran.
  • Innovation and proactive leadership within the organization employed by.
  • Utilizing highly effective practices to inspire and lead veterans to help in reaching compensation or benefit goals.
  • Proactively identifying and resolving challenges that interfere with obtaining compensation and benefits for veterans.
  • Supporting the veteran community in ways that exceed expectations and result in unexpected positive outcomes that support veterans.
  • Identify improvements to policies, practices and/or program designs that result in substantial cost savings or financial gain to veterans.
  • Building positive relationships/partnerships with veterans.
  • Developing and utilizing strong, constructive, and productive relationships that enable the goals of the veteran to be met.
  • Improving department/division/unit morale through actions not related to job expectations.  



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