Veterans Eligible for Special Social Security Credit               
The credits are extra Social Security wage credits, which are added to the Social Security earnings records of people who were on active duty during certain time periods.                  
As the Social Security agency describes the process: “In all cases, the additional earnings are credited to the earnings that we average over your working lifetime, not directly to your monthly benefit amount.” But because benefits are calculated based on your earning record, these credits generally result in higher monthly Social Security checks for qualifying veterans.
Since 1957, people on active duty in the military have been covered by Social Security and thus have paid Social Security taxes. And since 1988, Social Security has also covered people on inactive duty in the Armed Forces reserves (such as taking part in weekend drills). They, too paid Social Security taxes.            
As a result, these veterans are able to draw Social Security retirement benefits along with their military retirement benefits.            
Here are some details about those special wage credits. The following applies only to people who were on active duty or active duty for training during these times: 
  • 1940 – 1956. Veterans with active service during World War II (for bookkeeping purposes, this is defined as September 16, 1940, through July 24, 1947) or the post World War II period (July 25, 1947, through December 31, 1956) may be credited with an extra $160 in Social Security earnings for each month of military service.
  • 1957 through 1977. Veterans of this period are credited with $300 in additional Social Security earnings for each calendar quarter in which they received active duty basic pay.

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