South Dakota Offers Vet Bonus 


South Dakota offers a bonus to members of the Armed Forces who were legal residents of the state for no less than six months immediately preceding their period of active duty and who served on active duty during one or more of the following periods: (1) Aug. 2, 1990 to March 3, 1991 -- All active service counts for payment; (2) March 4, 1990 to Dec. 31, 1992 -- Only service in a hostile area qualifying for the Southwest Asia Service Medal counts for payment; (3) Jan. 1, 1993 to Sept. 10, 2001 -- Only service in a hostile area qualifying for any United States campaign or service medal awarded for combat operations against hostile forces counts for payment; (4) Sept. 11, 2001 to a date yet to be determined -- All active service counts for payment. In addition, Veterans with qualifying service before Dec 31, 1992 and after Jan 1, 1993 may receive two separate bonuses of up to $500.00 each! Veterans may apply through the nearest County or Tribal Veterans Service Officer. Those living outside of South Dakota may apply by e-mail at Be sure to include military branch and dates of service. Veterans may also request an application and instructions by calling 605-773-7251.

What Every Veteran Should Carry 
No longer will you have to carry around your DD Form 214 as proof of your military service.  The Veteran ID Card will quickly establish you as a veteran, along with other essential benefits.  More...
Veteran ID Card
Veteran ID Card

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