The State of Maryland offers many benefits for veterans and their eligible dependents. These benefits include educational grants and scholarships, special exemptions or discounts on fees and taxes, business loans, veteran's homes, free hunting and fishing privileges, and much more.  Be sure to take advantage of the benefits you have earned. Use the links on the left to explore the benefits are that are available to you.
MTA Veterans Workforce Training Program 
Many MTA training classes are open to qualified U.S. military veterans who are Maryland residents. This includes those who have served in the reserves and National Guard. Once MTA employees have had the opportunity to register, eligible U.S. veterans will be able to apply for remaining open seats in many MTA training classes, with preference given to those veterans with service-connected disabilities. The primary goal of the program is to assist U.S. military veterans living in Maryland, regardless of age or length of service, with preparation for a meaningful career by providing the skills and training opportunities necessary to succeed in today’s workforce.  
Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) 
The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) provides a full list of Need Based Grants, Legislative Scholarships, Loan Assistance Repayment programs, Career Based and Unique Populations Scholarships as well as other programs.  
Maryland Disability and Higher Education Network (MDDHEN) 
MDDHEN is a group of disability support providers from colleges and universities around the state of Maryland.   
High School Diplomas 
County Boards of Education award high school diplomas to Korea and World War II veterans who left high school early to enter the Armed Forces. Diplomas are also issued to any veteran upon successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) test. Call 410-767-0538 for information. 
Scholarships for VeteransMaryland offers three scholarships for veterans and their eligible dependents.  
University of Maryland Veterans Program Office 
The University of Maryland is committed to providing an environment that helps veterans pursue their academic and personal goals, explore different learning experiences, and be involved in campus life. If you are planning on enrolling, this site can help you with the transition. If you are already enrolled you can find information here to help you access services and discover ways to become more connected to the campus. If you are being called to active duty, this site can help you take the proper steps before you leave. The University of Maryland recognizes the extraordinary contributions of members of our armed services. We also understand the unique challenges of transitioning into a university environment. We want your experience here to be a positive one!  
Maryland Workforce Exchange 
Job Seekers! If you are interested in finding a better job or career, the Maryland Workforce Exchange allows you to search for current job openings in your community, create multiple resumes to use to apply on-line for jobs and research careers that are expected to be in high demand, file for unemployment insurance and find occupational training that meets your needs.  
Veterans Workforce Investment Program (VWIP) 
The VWIP works to meet the workforce investment needs of veterans and performs outreach and public information activities to develop and promote employment and job training opportunities. The program offers among other services, training, job development, and employment referral. To obtain more information contact the Maryland Disability Workforce Information Exchange.  
Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) 
The DVOP specialists provide intensive services to meet the employment needs of disabled veterans and other eligible veterans. In addition to helping veterans find employment and training opportunities, DVOP staff provides vocational guidance, referral to supportive services and case management services to veterans with significant barriers to employment. To obtain more information on the DVOP program contact your local Maryland One-Stop Career Center.  
Local Veteran Employment Representative Program (LVER) 
The LVER conduct outreach to employers and engages in advocacy efforts with hiring executives to increase employment opportunities for veterans, encourage the hiring of disabled veterans, and generally assist veterans to gain and retain employment. LVER staff conduct seminars for employers and job search workshops for veterans seeking employment, and facilitate priority of service in regard to employment, training, and placement services furnished to veterans by all staff of the employment service delivery system. LVER staff are thoroughly familiar with the full range of job development services and training programs available at One-Stop Career Centers and Department of Veterans' Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program locations.To obtain more information on the DVOP program contact your local Maryland One-Stop Career Center.   
Veterans Establishing Businesses 
Maryland offers a wide range of resources to individuals establishing businesses. For more information, please contact the Governor’s Office of Business Advocacy (GOBA) (410) 767-6300.  
Military Reservist and Service-Related No-Interest Loan Program 
The Department of Business and Employment Development in consultation with the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs provides a no interest loan via the Military Reservist and Service-Related No-Interest Loan Program to the following categories: (1) A business owned by a military reservist or National Guard member who is called to active duty

(2) A small business employer of a military reservist or National Guard member who is called to active duty

(3) A business employing a service disabled veteran to make the place of employment accessible, or for other necessary expenses incurred as a result of the disability

(4) A service disabled veteran who needs funding to make the home, automobile or place of employment accessible, or for other necessary expenses incurred as a result of the disability.  
Maryland Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) 
The SBDC is dedicated to helping you establish and expand your business. We accomplish this by providing a variety of management and technical assistance programs designed to help you, the aspiring and existing small business owner.
The Governor's Office of Minority Affairs (OMA) 
OMA is a cabinet-level state office dedicated to the needs of Maryland’s minority and women business owners. OMA provides a wide range of referral and technical services for clients who either own an existing business or want to start a new business. In addition to helping minority businesses navigate Maryland’s complex certification and procurement processes, OMA is responsible for managing and overseeing the Minority Business Program for all state agencies.
To learn more about specific programs that you may benefit from call 1-(877) 558-0998.
Reach Independence through Self-Employment (RISE) 
RISE is a program for people with disabilities interested in starting their own business and who are eligible for services through the MD Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). Individuals interested in starting there own business must first speak to a DORS counselor. The RISE program helps business clients explore the feasibility of self-employment as a realistic vocational option; develop a comprehensive business; receive individualized technical assistance; explore multiple funding sources for your venture; obtain market information to help you select the right industry; and receive an assessment of your plan by business and banking experts.
In addition, DORS will provide limited funding for a small business if necessary after the business plan has been favorably reviewed by the RISE Program's Business Plan Review Committee and approved by DORS.
For more information call (888) 788-7473.
Maryland Financing Programs 
Maryland offers a number of financing programs to assist the state’s business community. Specific financing programs for small business clients include the following:  Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority Neighborhood Business Development Program Economic Development Opportunities Fund (Sunny Day Fund) Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority Community Development Block Grant Program Maryland Economic Adjustment Fund.   
Maryland Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) 
To assist Maryland small businesses in how to do business with federal, state, and local government agencies. This assistance is provided at no cost to the small business owner. Small businesses (as defined by the Small Business Administration) that have a product or service needed by a government agency are welcome to apply for services.  
Burial Benefits 
Veterans who are residents of the State of Maryland and have received an honorable discharge and their eligible dependents are eligible for burial at one of Maryland’s five veterans cemeteries. Plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no cost to the veteran for burial plot, opening/closing, headstone and state liner (if used). Eligible dependents have a minimal opening/closing cost and a direct cost for state liner (if used). There is a pre-interment program where veterans can indicate their desire to be buried in one of the five state veterans cemeteries and verify their eligibility for burial by filling out a pre-interment application.  
License Plates 
Maryland offers veterans a variety of military related license plates. Plates are available for passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles, motorcycles and trucks (10,000 lbs or less).    
Gold Star Plate 
The Gold Star Plate is available to individuals who are the surviving spouse, parent, child or a sibling of a person who served in the Armed Forces of the United States and lost his or her life. 
Vehicle Regsitration 
Military Personnel Temporarily Stationed in MarylandIf you are not establishing residency because you are only temporarily stationed in Maryland and you are a member of the armed forces of the United States or of the United States Public Health Service and you are on active duty in this State or an adjoining state or the District of Columbia, you do not need to register your passenger vehicle in this State if your vehicle is currently registered in your state of residence.  If you are establishing residency in Maryland you must title and register your vehicle within one year of moving to Maryland.  If you delay beyond one year, you will not be eligible for a tax credit for any titling tax paid in another state, and you may be subject to a citation for an out-of-state registration.  
Military Personnel - Maryland Resident Temporarily Stationed Outside of Maryland 
If you purchase a used vehicle while stationed outside of Maryland and want to title it, you may complete Section A and B of the "Temporary Inspection Waiver" (form VR-129) and submit it with your documentation to title the vehicle.  The waiver allows you to title and temporarily register a used vehicle in Maryland without having the vehicle undergo a Maryland Safety Inspection.  When you return to Maryland, the vehicle must be immediately inspected.  The military personnel inspection waiver is valid for two years and may be renewed if necessary (if still stationed out-of-state).   
Maryland Residents - Active Military 
Maryland residents in the military may record their out-of-state/country address on file with the MVA by completing an "Address Certification United States Government Employee form" (form VR-102).  This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, 6601 Ritchie Highway N.E., Glen Burnie, MD 21062.  
Driver's Licensing Active Duty Military Personnel and their Dependents Currently Holding a MD Driver's License 
Maryland driver's licenses remain in effect for active members of the armed forces and their dependents (who reside with the active member outside of Maryland), while they are absent from Maryland.  The licensees have 30 days after they return to Maryland, or when they are discharged or separated from active service, to visit an MVA office for their license renewals.

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