VA Compensation Takes Time
Do not give up on any claim that you are pursuing with the VA, it takes time, I have been fighting the system now for over 19 years. I started with only 30% after retiring from the US Army, it went up to 40% in 2001, then 60% in 2003, up to 70% in 2005 and now it is at 80% in 2007. At present I am still fighting to get what I believe is still owed to me for my service to the people of the United States of America to keep this country free from the radicals that are still out to attack this country.
When you get to the point that your case must go to the BVA in Washington D.C. you have to get creative on your case. One thing you do not want to do is have a congress-person or Senator get involved in your case as it will delay the final outcome buy months if not years. Every inquiry they make your file is pulled to answer there question and put back on the stack usually at the bottom. My last and present claim has been going on since January 2008, yes that is 3 years and months now. I contacted a congress-person and every 4 to 6 months they make an inquiry on my claim.
This was what is written in part of my present claim.
"I am very disappointed in the decision that the VA has made on my case. Thus I request a review. However I do not want my right to appeal to be lost in the delay of actions."
Im asking for either reconsideration, or a de novo review. I wish to explain a de novo review in this manner:

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