Military Service Verified Online


HOUSTON, TX (February 22, 2011) – U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs has spearheaded a ground breaking program that allows for veterans, employers, merchants, hospital staff, insurance agents, and the general public to verify the military service of those claiming to have served.                                     
“The beauty of our system is that the privacy of our veterans remain protected, and at the same time, permits the public to check the status of anyone claiming to be a veteran,” said Carl Wickham, Program Analyst.                             
Information released to the public is very limited.  Only the name of the veteran is released.  For veterans who are disabled, their disability rating is released as well.  Furthermore, the program is an “opt-in” program, where veterans elect to allow their information released to the public.                                  
To further protect the privacy of veterans, information about the veteran is only released to telephone users who have text messaging capabilities.                            
Mr. Wickham  points out, “We do not keep information of our clients stored in online servers.  When an inquiry is received, one of our Information Specialists will do the research and if verified, will send the data via text message to the requesting party.”                 
The speed and efficiency of the program capitalizes on the new technology in smartphones, and provides the type of flexibility most have come to expect.                


Assuming the program works as well as the pilot study completed in December 2010, verifying that a person claiming to be a veteran actually completed military service will be a great benefit to many.


Launched in March 2007, U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs researches and distributes compensable benefits information to U.S. veterans.  Also, they are a major conduit for free services available to veterans.




Beth Ann McGruder

Internet Manager

U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs



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