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Rapid Verification                      
Use the form below to request verification of military service.  Information will be sent via text message to the telephone number entered in the field below.                           
Only card holders of the Veteran ID Card issued by U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs (USVCP) can be verified as having served in the U.S. military.                    
Veteran data is not stored in online servers, as a result, the process may take a few minutes to reach its destination.                                 
How Verification Is Obtained                
Veteran ID Card holders have been fully verified as veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Verifications are based on service in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Navy.  Proof of military status has been verified from the veteran’s DD Form 214, Discharge Certificate, and/or C-file.                           
Veterans Who Cannot Be Verified                    
Veterans who do not possess a Veteran ID Card issued by USVCP cannot be verified through our system.  Exclusion of any veteran from the database managed and maintained by USVCP does not guarantee that military service did not occur.                              
Our system will not recognize veterans who do not possess a Veteran ID Card from USVCP, therefore, no response will be generated from veterans who do not hold a valid Veteran ID Card from USVCP.                                      
What Information Will Be Sent?                  
John Doe 
Military Service Has Been Verified                       
Honorable Service                       
90% - Disabled (when applicable)


"A local restaurant denied my 10% discount, even after showing them my VA ID Card.  I instructed them to go online to USVCP and verify my veteran status.  Status verified in seconds.  Thank you!"

...D.G., West Covina, CA


"My new employer doubted my service in the Marine Corps.  When I had him verify my service online at USVCP I got the job."

...T.M., Gainesville, FL 


"Your service has saved me hundreds of dollars from merchants all around Texas.  Thanks!"

...R.C., Houston, TX


"I want to thank you for having such a great service.  Now I can weed out the real vets from the phonies."

...J.S., Brooklyn, NY

Veteran Discounts

Verify Military Service
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*Only current Veteran ID Card holders can be verified.  Depending on your plan, there may be a charge by your telephone carrier for this service.

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What Every Veteran Should Carry 
No longer will you have to carry around your DD Form 214 as proof of your military service.  The Veteran ID Card will quickly establish you as a veteran, along with other essential benefits.  More...

Veteran ID Card
Veteran ID Card