Anchorage Regional Office 
1201 N. Muldoon Rd.  
Anchorage, AK 99504 
Telephone:  800-827-1000
The Anchorage Regional Office is remotely managed by the Salt Lake City Regional Office.  The VBA operation includes a one-stop Veterans Service Center made up of the merged Adjudication and Veterans Service Divisions. There is also a one person Loan Guaranty Division and a Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Division.  The Alaska VA Healthcare System includes the Homeless Veterans Service, which consists of a 50 bed Homeless Domiciliary, an Out-Reach Center, Transitional Housing, a Veterans Industries warehouse, and the HUD-VASH Program.  A Community Based Out-Patient Clinic (CBOC) is located in the city of Kenai and a CBOC is located within the Bassett Army Medical Center in Fairbanks.  There is a VA Veterans Resource Center in Anchorage and Fairbanks, with satellite Vet Centers in the towns of Kenai and Wasilla.  A one person VA Office is located at Juneau.  There are 70 VHA Clinic staff members located at the Elmendorf AFB Medical Center supporting areas such as the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Room, and general surgery clinics.                                                             
Alaska is one of the few States with a growing veteran population of 71,552 veterans, based on the last census, which at 17% of the population is the highest per capita veteran population in the nation.  Pension workload is low due to the high cost living in Alaska.  Anchorage has the highest proportion of compensation claims in our total workload of any Regional Office.  Compensation workload grew by eighty-two percent in the last five years.  

Anchorage Regioanl Office
Anchorage Regional Office

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