Waco Regional Office 
701 Clay Ave.  
Waco, TX 76799 
Telephone:  800-827-1000
The Waco VA Regional Office is located in Central Texas approximately 100 miles south of Dallas. The Waco Regional Office jurisdiction covers 164 counties extending from El Paso to Texarkana and Dalhart to Austin. The regional office serves a veteran population of approximately 920,000 with annual benefits payments totaling 1.6 billion dollars.
The Waco Regional Office supports a full range of VA benefit programs, including compensation, pension, and vocational rehabilitation and counseling. The regional office provides veterans assistance support at VA medical centers in Amarillo, Big Spring, Dallas, Temple, and Waco. Veterans assistance and vocational rehabilitation services are provided at the Dallas VA Office, Ft. Worth office, Tyler office, and at VA outpatient clinics in Austin, El Paso, Temple, and Lubbock. Vocational rehabilitation services are provided at the Fort Hood military base, and two Military Services Coordinator are also located at Fort Hood.

Waco Regional Office
Waco Regional Office

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