Lincoln Regional Office
3800 Village Dr. 
Lincoln, NE 68501 
Telephone:  800-827-1000
The jurisdiction of the Lincoln Regional Office covers the 93 counties of Nebraska. It has a potential clientele of approximately 159,500 veterans. The office oversees a benefits delivery program that awards over $136 million annually in compensation and pension benefits. The Regional Office presently employs 92 people. It's out-based offices are located at the VAMC-Omaha and the Air Force Base at Offutt.
While population is concentrated heavily in the eastern one third of the state, service to veterans and beneficiaries is provided to all areas, some as far as 500 miles from the Regional Office. Throughout this area, our staff conducts training seminars, benefits presentations, performs outreach services, assists in emergency relief activities, and participates in a variety of community workshops, seminars, and public forums. The staff also participates in workshops for the County Veterans Services Officers.

Lincoln Regional Office
Lincoln Regional Office

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