Indianapolis Regional Office
575 N. Pennsylvania St. 
Indianapolis, IN 46204 
Telephone:  800-827-1000
The Indianapolis VA Regional Office is located on the third floor of the six-story Minton-Capehart Federal Building, in downtown Indianapolis. During the height of the WWII era, the Regional Office employed nearly 1,600 employees, and there were sub-offices in 20 cities throughout Indiana.  By 1961, all of the sub-offices were closed.  Today, the Indianapolis Regional Office employs about 150 employees who administer benefits to approximately 550,800* veterans and their beneficiaries in the State.  Regional Office employees are located in several out-based locations at VA Medical Centers in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Marion.  In addition, we work closely with outpatient clinics in Indiana, as well as VA Medical Centers and outpatient clinics in Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.                                 
Co-located in the Minton-Capehart Federal Building is the Office of Regional Counsel, the Portfolio Loan Oversight Unit, the National Cemetery Administration Memorial Services Network IV Office, and six (6) Veterans Service Organizations:  American Legion, American Veterans, Disabled American Veterans, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Paralyzed Veterans of America and Veterans of Foreign Wars.                                
The Indianapolis Regional Office provides a full range of VA benefits and services to veterans and their dependents.  During 2005, total VA expenditures in the State included $464,765,000 for Compensation and Pension programs and $37,635,000 for Education and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment programs.                     
Regional Office staff frequently conduct outreach briefings for minority veterans (including women veterans, Hispanic veterans and African American veterans), former POWs and homeless veterans.  Since about 2003, the Regional Office has been routinely conducting military briefings for returning OEF/OIF veterans.  During FY06, 47 briefings were conducted for approximately 6,000 troops.  Most of these briefings take place at Camp Atterbury, one of the four (4) demobilization sites located throughout the country.  These briefings are usually followed 90-120 days later by State-sponsored "Family Days" where veterans and their families have the opportunity to ask more questions, file for benefits, etc.  The Regional Office has worked in conjunction with the Indiana National guard to coordinate these events.                      
Our mission is to provide benefits and high quality services to all eligible veterans we serve, and their families.  We will serve in a responsive, timely and compassionate manner in gratitude for their service to the Nation.  This is done in partnership with the Veterans Health Administration, the National Cemetery Administration, the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs, service organizations and other stakeholders.             


Our vision is that the veterans whom we serve will feel valued and respected, and that we have kept our commitment to them; employees will feel that they are respected, well-informed, part of a collaborative environment and recognized for their contributions; fellow citizens, taxpayers, and other stakeholders will feel that we've met the responsibilities they've entrusted to us.  Courage, honesty, trust, respect, open communication, integrity, fairness and accountability will be reflected in our day-to-day behavior and performance.

Indianapolis Regional Office
Indianapolis Regional Office

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