How to Get the Award

Sign up for counseling and go for at least a year or more. Join a vets group where you can share with other vets that you are not alone.
The VA goes for a paper trail and that is all they look at is paper. You are a folder in a pile of claims that never ends. Remember, you are only a file on their desk.
Obtain all of your medical records and underline all statements or issues you want them to see. Be specific, you are not having a good day or life, your life is in shambles, your multiple divorces and lack of relationships is obvious due to PTSD. You have no friends, you are not reliable and cannot be trusted. Do not sugar coat this issue as you only have one shot at a rating.
For the psyche evaluation do not shower, shave, shampoo or change your clothes for at least two weeks if possible. Avoid eye contact, sit facing the door, if they close the door insist that it be open. Do whatever it takes to get a 40 score or worse, not better. If you are employable, your chance of 50% or more are doubtful.
I applied for VA benefits last December (09') and was just awarded (8 months later) 80% without the ishmecic heart disease even being in the mix. I am confident that a 100% will be coming forth when the heart disease issue is settled.
Deal with the ghosts in your closet to the best of your ability and remember, you have nightmares, you don’t sleep at night, you drink excessively daily, you hear vices, relationships are impossible and most of all, your life sucks.
Sugar coat it and you might as well save your breath my brothers. And most of all............welcome home.

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