Homeless Veteran Alert

If you are a homeless veteran, or a veteran who is in need of urgent help to prevent homelessness, our Homeless Veteran Alert (HVA) system may be able to help you.  Through multiple partnerships throughout the United States, we will detail your situation with a charitible organization that may be able to assist you.  The charitable organization that may be able to assist you and your family will do so in a variety of creative ways.  Additionally, through the use of the HVA system, you may gain access to multiple streams of assistance.  Currently, we have no limits on who may help or how often.  Your immediate needs are first and foremost.

Before proceeding, be sure you have contacted the following organizations for help:

  • National Coalition for Homeless Veterans - 800.838.4357
  • VA Homeless Veteran Program Coordinator - 877.222.8387
  • Department of Human and Health Services - 800.662.4357
  • Social Security Administation - 800.772.1213
  • Homeless Veterans Call Center - 877.424.3838
  • Your local Veterans Affairs facility - 800.827.1000

If you have run out of options, click below to send out a "Homeless Veteran Alert."


Veteran ID Card w/Picture
Veteran ID Card
No longer will you have to carry around your DD Form 214 as proof of your military service.  The Veteran ID Card will quickly establish you as a veteran, along with other essential benefits.