In order to provide care to MST victims, the Department of Defense (DoD) created the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) and its associated positions of Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) and Victim Advocate.  These individuals provide care and support, and assist the service member with filing a report.                        
Additionally, each branch of the military has its own sexual assault prevention program.                                           
DoD offers two reporting options for MST:  restricted and unrestricted.  Restricted reporting allows a service member to file a report confidentially without initiating the investigative process.  Following an MST incident, a service member may elect one of these reporting options by using DD Form 2910.  Both the service member and the SARC or Victim Advocate sign the form.  The service member is given a copy of DD Form 2910.

Note:  Other forms may have been used prior to the issuance of DD Form 2910.  For example, the Department of the Navy used the form NAVPERS 1752/1, Sexual Assault Incident Data Collection Report.                         
The service member may also elect an optional sexual assault forensic examination (SAFE).  A SAFE is performed by a healthcare provider and is documented on DD Form 2911.  In restricted reporting cases, DoD stores the evidence, including results from the SAFE, for one year following the date of the victim’s report of sexual assault.  If the victim does not claim the evidence or elect an unrestricted report within one year, DoD destroys it.

Upon receipt of a claim based on MST, Women Veterans Coordinators (WVCs) should contact the Veteran via telephone and ask if he/she completed DD Form 2910, DD Form 2911, or other similar forms following the incident.  If the Veteran states the forms were completed, request the following:

  • name and location of the military base where the report was filed
  • copies of the DD Form 2910, DD Form 2911, and other evidence by mail or fax; and
  • whether the report was restricted or unrestricted
 Inform the Veteran that a letter will be sent documenting this request for information.  Document the contact on VA Form 21-0820, Report of General Information. 

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