I Finally Won

In 1987 I suffered a complete melt down and admitted to a Psychic hospital for substance abuse and depression. After 4 months, I was released only to go back for 3 more months. Upon release, I still had no diagnoses. I was referred to a Psychiatrist who specialized in Substance abuse. He had spent seven years with the VA dealing with substance and PTDS patients. He in turn referred me to the VA Hospital in Long Beach, CA.
Then day of my appointment the only thing they did was have some-one interview me for no more the 10 minutes and they would sent me the results.
June 3, 1987, I received the VA's decision, and I quote "Service connection in not established for skin claimed as residual of Agent Orange and blood viral infection, because it is not shown by the evidence. Service connection is also denied for post-traumatic stress disorder because service medical records do not show treatment for a nervous condition and the evidence does not indicate treatment subsequent to discharge." At the time, I would not have been able to pursue the VAs decision without violence, so I just let it go.
Again, in 1994 I filed an appeal only to receive the same decision.
A friend from church, who know my history invited me to attend a Vietnam Veterans of America meeting. I was encouraged to re-open my claim as a lot had changed since 94. I re-opened my claim only to have it denied due to time had run out to re-file. So, I opened a new claim on May 2, 2009. On August 5th, I received my results. Post-traumatic stress disorder with depression, Percentage (%) Assigned = 70%.
Now this is the kicker, in 1987 the VA received all my medical information from both the Hospital and Psychiatrist. This time, after filling a New Claim and only providing the information from my original DD214 as evidence, to be granted 70% compensation. My question is since being diagnosed with PTSD now, why with all the information they were provided in 1987, why was I denied?
PS: I do plan to fight the VA for compensation back to 1987 when I first opened a claim.

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