Use This Backdoor Approach To Benefits 


I would like to point out an important back door for Vets to reach 100% unemployable. As soon as you get a rating to qualify you for "vocational rehabilitation", apply for this program. If you are capable of working, they have a multitude of options the VA pays for to help from paying for college or trade schools to job placement. On the other hand, if they find you unable to work do to mental and or health reasons, they state it in your records and automatically put you into the "independent living" program. It is now in the official VA records you are unemployable and well documented. File for it. As for the independent living program, they will pay for some things to make life easier with your condition. This could be a lift chair to help you get up, a computer to keep you active and involved, or a multitude of other things.
This is a great program and back door to unemployability when a doctor will not admit in your records you can't work. If you can work but not with your current disability in the field you know, they will help you get what you need to get in a field you can. I also want to point out, they do not just shove you into a field you can do, but take into account your personal likes and dislikes to help you find something you will like to do.
One last point. If the Vet is also filing for Social Security, the findings by a professional vocational rehab counselor can go a long way.

Vocational rehab is a great source few Vets know about or use. Please help get the word out about this great program. Its not just for those trying to go back to work. It can help those who can't work any longer.

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