Veterans Educational Assistance Program

For veterans who participated in the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) and:


1. Served on active duty on Oct. 9, 1996.


2. Participated in VEAP and contributed money to an account.


3. Elected MGIB by Oct. 9, 1997, and paid $1,200.


Veterans who participated in VEAP on or before Oct. 9, 1996, may also be eligible even if they did not deposit money in a VEAP account if they served on active duty from Oct. 9, 1996, through April 1, 2000, elected MGIB by Oct. 31, 2001, and contributed $2,700 to MGIB.


Certain National Guard service members may also qualify under Category 4 if they:


1. Served for the first time on full-time active duty in the National Guard between June 30, 1985, and Nov. 29, 1989, and had no previous active duty service.


2. Elected MGIB during the nine-month window ending on July 9, 1997.


3. And paid $1,200.



Payments: Effective Oct. 1, 2007, the rate for full-time training in college, technical or vocational school is $1,101 a month for those who served three years or more or two years plus four years in the Selected Reserve. For those who served less than three years, the monthly rate is $894. Benefits are reduced for part-time training. Payments for other types of training follow different rules.


The maximum number of months veterans can receive payments is 36 months at the full-time rate or the part-time equivalent.


The following groups qualify for the maximum: veterans who served the required length of active duty, veterans with an obligation of three years or more who were separated early for the convenience of the government and served 30 continuous months, and veterans with an obligation of less than three years who were separated early for the convenience of the government and served 20 continuous months.