Groundbreaking Truth About Securing Service-Connected Benefits
This two-part series will help you understand how to secure service-connected benefits.  In the series, you will learn about issues never discussed or written about.  Some veterans have figured this out on their own through trial and error.  As you read the four-part series you will gain insight that will help you gain benefits or increase the benefits you have.  Whether you are seeking benefits for PTSD, diabetes, TBI or skin disorders, this series will provide you with the ammunition you need to gain your benefits.
Our investigative journalists will guide you through the process of gaining benefits step-by-step.  A few brave veterans have provided us with poignant details.  Use their analysis to your benefit.

Click here to discover what tools the VA uses to determine your disability rating.



VA Will Pay for Non-Service-Connected Healthcare

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may pay for emergency care provided in a non-VA facility for treatment of a non-service condition only if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The episode of care cannot be paid under another VA authority.

  2. Based on average knowledge of health medicine (prudent layperson standard) you reasonably expected that delay in seeking medical attention would have been hazardous to your life or health.

  3. A VA or other Federal facility/provider was not feasibly available.

  4. You were enrolled in the VA Health care system and received medical care under VA authority within 24-month period preceding the non-VA emergency care.

  5. You are financially liable to the non-VA provider for the emergency care.

  6. The emergency services were furnished by an Emergency Department or similar facility held out to provide emergency care to the general public.

  7. You have no other coverage under a health plan (including Medicare, Medicaid and Worker’s Compensation).

  8. You have no contractual or legal recourse against a third party that would, in whole, extinguish your liability.