Getting Disability 
Filing for Disability was a long hard
road to travel on, especially while
on depression meds.  It took me
2 years and a lot of evidence to
prove my case for disability, but
still after getting compensation,
it didn't "fix" me.  Disability will
help pay your bills but you have
to continue with counseling and
medications to try to understand
what happened to you, and
recognize that what you did was
for your country.  Beware as they
are using a new term, "malingerer,"
as a way of calling you a liar about
your service.  They ate crow
when I proved them wrong.  Please
have your prostate checked if you
are over 50.  I had mine checked
and I had prostate cancer.  Right
now I am Cancer free after having it
removed.  Part of my soul is still in
Southeast Asia God Bless The USA. 
Nam Vet '67 & '68.

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