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DD Form 214 Protection & Restoration

Q:  Why should I laminate my DD Form 214?

A:  It is always a good idea to keep important documents protected and safe.  Laminating your DD Form 214 will protect it from natural aging, moisture damage, damaging chemicals, and UV rays from the sun.


Q:  Should I send my original DD Form 214?

A:  No.  Never send an original document.  If we receive an original document we will not laminate and it will be returned to sender.


Q:  What do you mean by "restored" of the DD Form 214?
A:  Some DD Form 214s are difficult to read because of multiple copies made from original, and normal wear and tear over time.  Our specialists will restore your DD Form 214 so that it is clear, concise, and readable once again.


Q:  Once my DD Form 214 is restored can I use it as an official document.

A:  No.  Your restored DD Form 214 is for your own personal momento, and is not to be used as an official Governemnt document. 


Q:  What is the cost of getting my DD Form 214 laminated?

A:  The cost to laminate each document is $1.49 plus shipping & handling.


Q:  What is the cost to reconstruct my DD Form 214?

A:  The cost to reconstruct a DD Form 214 is $24.95 plus shipping & handling.


Q:  Where do I send you a copy of my DD Form 214?
A:  You can fax your DD Form 214 to:  713-510-1965.  You may scan and email your DD Form 214 to:  And, you can always mail your DD Form 214 to:  USVCP, P.O. Box 420128, Houston, TX  77242-0128.

Restored DD Form 214